Solitude and Silence: taking a break from the chaos


Despite what are growing technology and economy of production tell us, we are human beings, not apps or machines. We are made less for production than for rhythms of silence and noise, community and solitude.  In our deepest parts we know that it’s unhealthy to always have people around, as well as to rarely want them, yet we don’t act from that spiritual hunger.  It’s all too easy to forget that God made us for cycles and seasons, for routines and cadences.  It’s crucial all the time, but in particular in busy times like that which Advent has become…a series of days to shop and prepare for the big one (which is just around the corner).


Today take a moment of silence and solitude.  It doesn’t have to be hours.  But don’t settle just for a minute while you’re driving your car.  Be alone.  Be in silence.  Breath.  Rest.  Reflect.  Listen.


The point of your time in solitude and silence is to do nothing and don’t try to make anything happen.


Do nothing.


Don’t try to make anything happen.


In solitude and silence you’re learning to stop doing, stop producing, stop pleasing people, stop entertaining yourself, stop obsessing — stop doing anything except to simply be your naked self before God and be found by the Holy One.


If you have trouble being quiet and alone, then focus on your breathing – deep breaths in and out.  Feel the ground underneath you.  Wiggle your toes in your shoes.  Feel how solid and sure it is.  How it was and is there without any effort on your part.  Feel how it hold and stabilizes you, making this moment – and life – possible.  Or have a mantra that you quietly repeat in your mind – short, sweet, something that focuses you away from the cacophony of the chaos of our days and world.  Try “Come Lord Jesus, come”   or “Glory to God in the highest heaven” or “Peace on earth among those whom God favors”