Silence is golden. But it isn’t easy in our loud world. Sherry Turkle’s book on Conversation asserts that we are struggling increasingly to be empathetic with others (some emerging teenagers don’t even have the skill) because to be in relationship with another, you have to first be at peace, in relationship with yourself. She advances that we struggle to do so. Think about what you do when you have down time, or nothing to do as you wait in line at the store, for a bus, or for a late-showing appointment. What do you do? Out come the iDevices to occupy us, maximize our time, or keep us from having to sit with the silence.


Each week during Advent I encourage you to sit in silence on Saturday. Do so for 3 minutes, 13 or 30. Focus on your breathing throughout, or to help you calm down. What happened this week? Where have you been? From where have you returned? What word have you be given? What word have you passed by without hearing or seeing it?


If being still and quiet is hard for you to do without your mind wandering to the to-do-list, or other distractions, meditate on this past week using a Mandala. Mandalas are a spiritual and ritual symbol from Indian religions. It representing the universe metaphysically or symbolically. As you color it it can be a meditative invitation to reflect upon the microcosm of the universe – upon your world.


Advent Hope Mandala 2015_0001


I made this mandala using hope as the four gates in the center point. It also contains translations of the word, Advent candles, and other symbols reflecting some of what happened this week: Aids ribbons, the mascot of San Bernadino High School, a rising earth thermometer.


[DOWNLOAD A COPY HERE ]if you want to use the mandala as an “adult coloring” sort of meditative tool.
What hope is God giving you? What hope is the Divine One rekindling in your soul? How is this season a way to fill you to abundant hopefulness?