Strength to Love Cover BW


Life is getting busier as the Advent season progresses and the urgency of Christmas seems to increase. Take time today (or this weekend) to reflect, to think about and through the theme of Love (the second week of Advent).


It’s a word commonly used in our language, yet it is also quite foreign. In a series of sermons, collected together to form a book called Strength to Love, Rev. Dr. King talks about the depth and expanse of love rooted in our experience of the God of the Bible as love and as the person of Jesus of Nazareth as that very love incarnate – taking on flesh, becoming human – showing us a new Way to live.


This PDF is chapter 4 of this book (the first book of sermons of an African-American pastor made widely available to a white audience) which talks of aggressive love: the love of Jesus on the cross which opens our eyes to our shared need for forgiveness, call to renounce vengeance, and import to recognize our blindness, complicity and the power of love over evil.
LINK TO THE PDF of Chapter 4 of Strength to Love by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.