Jesus and his disciples gathered for a meal, most like the Passover.  Eating, they told and retold the story of the Exodus of the people from slavery in Egypt.  Not just history.  But their story too.  In the context of that meal Jesus reshapes the story, giving the meal a new form – bread and wine, along with the liturgical action of foot-washing (in John).  They become visible expressions of the “invisible” thing that Jesus is teaching, has modeled, and is passing on.


I think of it as a day of silence and also of words, of quiet and noise.  The stillness of preparation, the din of clinking dishes and plates.  The words spoken and enacted.  The silence between them.  All too often I focus on the silence of God in life – where are you?  What are you trying to say?  Why do I struggle to listen? Why can I not hear?


Listen to this song by the group Out of the Grey – “He is not Silent” as a prayer tool for you, a way to mediate via Audio Divina.  How is God not silent?  How is God silent?  What are you hearing in that mix?